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Can This Money-Saving Smart Heater Finally Put An End To The 'Thermostat Wars'? Find Out Below

by Yardly Simons,
Smart tech specialist  |  3 Minutes Read

My wife and I have the same fight every day.

"It’s way too hot in here!" I bellow from the living room, t-shirt drenched in sweat.

‘Are you kidding me?! It’s freezing!’ she screams…

Bunny hopping in her sleeping bag down the hallway.

Our counselor calls it a ‘Thermostat Spat’, but to my wife, it’s all about winning.

"Don’t you DARE touch that dial!" she monster voices, three octaves lower than mine.

What happens next is too slapstick to print.

Let’s just say it involves hand slapping, trash talk, and someone crying (usually me).

Trust me, we’ve tried to sit down & compromise.

Wife: "Here’s my final offer" (slides it across table)…

Me: "Whoah! That’s hotter than the Mojave..." (Crosses it out, writes new number)

Wife: "Antarcticwhat?" (Crumples paper, hands me speedos and a cool drink)

The battle continues in the bedroom. I know, I know. You should never go to bed angry…

But trying to kiss your wife goodnight through a 3 foot mountain of blankets? Not exactly romantic, am I right?

Now with the winter chill setting in, I can't help wondering...

Why Do Women Feel Cold More Intensely
Than Men?

This might sound like 'mansplaining', but check this out:

The difference between feeling cozy warm vs. chilled to the bone really comes down to fingers & toes.

According to the journal Lancet1 women's hands and feet can be significantly colder - 82.7º - compared to 90º for men.

And most of this difference boils down to body composition.

Compared to men, women have less muscle - which is a natural heat producer.

They also (typically) have 6-11% more body fat than men, which provides a protective layer for vital organs.

When things get chilly... that's where the blood goes, leaving fingers and toes tingly and cold.

"So throw on a hat, gloves, and that ugly Christmas sweater I gave you!" you might say.

First, not a great look for Zoom meetings. Second, have you tried typing in mitts?

If only there was a way to fix this conflict ...

Without cranking up the heat, inflating energy bills, and ruining marriages!

Now there is...

INTRODUCING: CozyCabin Heater

CozyCabin is a sleek & smart heater for your home that makes any room feel (you guessed it) as cozy as a log cabin.

Without needing to sweat for a second about your power bill.

Here's How CozyCabin Works

Thanks to its energy efficient 3D Spiral Ceramic Heating technology...

CozyCabin rapidly heats up to 215 square feet of space in 4 minutes or less.

So instead of cranking up the thermostat to heat the entire house (and making your energy bills spike)...

CozyCabin directs heat waves only where you need it.

Perhaps that's why thousands of Americans agree:

If you want to save up to 30% on home heating costs, CozyCabin is worth a second look.

Where To Use CozyCabin

  • On your night table (to warm you or your partner's side of the bed)...

  • On your dresser as you step into your room after you shower...

  • In the entryway as you walk in the door...

  • At your feet while you work at your desk...

The best part? CozyCabin is easy on the eyes & whisper quiet, so you'll never be interrupted on Zoom calls.

Plus it's a real looker, don't you think?

Cool Retro Design = Major Style Points

Unlike other garish wall heaters and bulky 'satellite' fans that blind you & ruin the look of any room they're in...

CozyCabin's sleek and minimalist design works with any home decor.

So if you've done a recent reno with zero applause from friends...

Because they were sitting on their hands to warm them up? Brace yourself for a glow up!

CozyCabin comes in three stunning colors & will get get you the standing ovation you richly deserve.

Check out the timeless rose gold trim

Safety & Comfort With Zero Compromise

Not sure if you've seen this in the news?

But many of the electric heaters on the market become instant fire starters the second they're kicked or bumped over. Yikes!

So if you've got kids running around, a rambunctious pet, or two left feet...

And thought twice about electric heating in the past, I get it. Let me just say this: with CozyCabin you can rest easy.

Why? It's surrounded by fire retardant materials & heated by a ceramic element - so there's no open flame.

Tip-over protection

And it comes with automatic tip-over protection.

Which means anytime the heater has fallen - or tipped over past a 45º angle - it automatically turns OFF. It also comes with built-in overheat protection. This monitors and prevents temperature levels from exceeding max levels...

So you get toasty comfort anywhere

All without making your partner shout "Shirts off!" when company comes over & you crank up the heat.

Does CozyCabin Live Up
To The Hype?

As a star-stingy gadget reviewer, I don’t just hand out glowing reviews for any product that crosses my desk.

Yet here's what sold me on CozyCabin. If you want to feel toasty warm wherever you are in your home...

Including your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, basement, workshop, garage, and workout space...

CozyCabin isn't just a solution to lowering energy bills...

It's the ONLY way to stop the Thermostat Wars in your home, for good.

Plus- according to my fashion-forward sister - it makes an amazing gift. Especially if you want to save 50% right now.

What's In The Box?

  • 1 CozyCabin heater

  • 1 Power Cable

  • Instruction Manual

  • Ceramic Protector

What Other People Are Saying About CozyCabin

I'm Done With Freezing... Thanks To CozyCabin

“When we first got married, fighting over the temperature at home was 'cute'. Now I'm done with freezing... and it's all thanks to CozyCabin”

Jeanie F - Spokane Verified Buyer

CozyCabin Looks Amazing... Works Brilliantly

“I picked up a multipack because #1) CozyCabin looks amazing in my home office and #2) my teenage daughter keeps stealing it. Cold feet run in the family, lol. Works brilliantly."

Linnette S - Spokane Verified Buyer

Warms Up Basement Workouts

“Basement workouts used to be bone chilling. With CozyCabin I warm up fast, and get in & out of the gym in record time!"

-Treana T - Spokane Verified Buyer

The Bottom Line: I Put A CozyCabin In Every Room (And So Should You)

I don't usually tell people what to do, but if you want to end the Thermostat Wars for good? I highly recommend getting a CozyCabin for your:

  • Living room

    Living room

  • Bedroom


  • Bathroom


  • Home Office

    Home Office

  • Home Gym

    Home Gym

...and more!

Yardly's Rating: 4.7 Stars

Why Only 4.7 Stars? Get This.

When my wife showed off the CabinCozy to my nosy neighbor Dianne...

She got a sneak peek of our kitchen renovation.

Word is, she's now copied it... from the cabinets & countertop down to the flooring. Sheesh.

Why Only 4.7 Stars? Get This.

CozyCabin's 3D Spiral Ceramic Heating technology 3D makes it a clear winner.

Because it heats up rooms in record time... and looks like it belongs on the cover of Style At Home magazine.

That's probably why my phone just buzzed with a...

Fair warning: he says this is a
time-sensitive opportunity:

As I write this, a company insider just texted me that there's a severe shortage of Cozy Cabins, now that the word is out.

He's tracked down a few extra boxes... and mentioned this limited inventory is available for the next few hours.

Now I've been a reviewer for years, and I can tell you it's extremely unusual for info like this to leak...

And I don't expect to get a scoop like this ever again.

So now that you know the facts, doesn't it make sense to grab a CozyCabin (or three) at 50% OFF now...

Because they make a great gift, they're flying off the shelves, and you don't want to miss out?

PLUS CozyCabin comes with a 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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About the Author

Yardly Simons is a smart tech specialist and hockey fanatic from Buffalo, NY.