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How Does the
CozyCabin Heater Work?

For years, HVAC companies have been overcomplicating the business of staying warm.
Even portable heaters are over-the-top complicated…and EXPENSIVE!

BUT…the CozyCabin Heater is small, simple, and super effective…
so you can save big money while you stay warm!

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Order Now & Save 60%

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Cut Your Energy
Bills In Half!

Now you have an affordable, safe, portable source of heat that warms you up FAST.

Any Room
For Only
Per Hour!!
  • Quiet Motor

    At just 20-35 Db, CozyCabin Heater is about as quiet as normal breathing (20Db).

  • Cranks Out The
    Heat Fast

    Heat 215 ft2 room in just
    4 minutes.

  • No Extra Bells & Whistles
    To Break Down

    Plug it in, turn it on, and warm up any room - it’s that easy!

  • Small Footprint

    At just 8”x5”x5” it’s half the size of a toaster and fits almost anywhere.

  • Safe, Even For Kids
    & Pets

    Automatically shuts off to prevent overheating or when tipped over.

  • Save $$$

    Slash your heating bills and only heat the room you want to!

A Good Choice for
Your Home and Work

Order Now & Save 60%

Hurry! Only 172 Left At This Price!

Now You Can Stay
Warm, Comfy & Save Money!

The CozyCabin Heater works anywhere that has an electrical outlet.

Works Anywhere

It’s so portable that you can set it on your nightstand, heat up the bathroom, bring it to work in your office cubicle… the options are endless!

Attractive Design
Adds Ambiance

Most portable heaters are big, ugly, and stick out like a sore thumb. The CozyCabin Heater is sleek and small enough to fit on tabletops.

Finally – No More Tense
Shoulders & Numb Fingers

Now that staying warm is affordable, you’ll loosen up your tense, cold shoulders. And your fingers will finally be warm enough to feel!

Peace of Mind for Families
& Pet Parents

Thanks to the built-in safety features, CozyCabin is safe to use around kids & pets!

Order Now & Save 60%

Hurry! Only 172 Left At This Price!

Warm, Comfy Rooms…Anywhere

With a 4 foot cord, a small footprint, and a portable design, it works everywhere! You can easily use the CozyCabin Heater at work, at home, in the garage or shop – the options are endless! It only takes 4 minutes to heat up an average bedroom! (215 ft2 room)

  • Saves

  • Portable

  • 4 Foot

The Easy Way to Stay Warm

Just plug and play. No complicated settings or confusing buttons… so it’s less likely to break! It’s so low-maintenance you’ll almost forget it’s there.

  • Super Quiet

  • Zero Setup

  • Built to Last

Save Money
(Without Sacrificing Comfort)

Central heating is expensive. You’re probably heating empty rooms, as well as paying for costly furnace filters and service calls. With the CozyCabin Heater, you stay as warm as you want for only pennies!

  • Saves

  • Only 13¢
    Per Hour

  • No Service

User-Friendly & Beautiful

Other space heaters take up lots of room, are ugly to look at, and have complicated settings. But the CozyCabin Heater is small enough to fit on a nightstand and works with any style of decor.

  • Easy

  • Tabletop

  • Attractive in
    Any Room

Order Now & Save 60%

Hurry! Only 172 Left At This Price!

Here’s Why Customers Have To Say
About Their CozyCabin

This is an excellent little space heater. It's surprisingly efficient and quickly heats up my home office quickly, making work-from-home bearable in the cold Massachusetts winters. It's also super quiet, and can be placed near the bed to heat your room overnight with a gentle white noise that is actually great for sleeping.

It's also quite safe, as it has a bottom-weight feature that will immediately kill the heater if accidentally tipped over. I am super pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend it

Bryson Ashton Verified Customer

My heater was delivered this week to my lake front cottage in northern Maine. WE have no heat and little insulation and usually depart for Florida by mid Oct.

Our low was 37 last night and our little heater kept me very comfortable as I read well onto the night. When I went to bed, I brought the heater into the bedroom and it me very comfortable all night long.

I am impressed with the amount of heat this little heater produces and I am impressed with a simple safety feature.....if the machine is not in an upright position, a simple gravity switch shuts off power and eliminates the risk of fire. I am ordering 2 additional units tomorrow. A great solution at a great price. Make sure to buy 3!

Tom Coleman Verified Customer

I bought this to have a second space heater in my living room because there is a draft that comes through the door and it gets very cold in the house.

I was a little skeptical when I saw how small it was however it got so hot that I didn't even need the other space heater on and eventually I had to turn it off for a bit because it warmed up the room so well.

It's quieter than my other one too. I think it's next to impossible to get a heater that makes no sound at all

Steven Lents Verified Customer

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Loud Is The CozyCabin When On Full Power?

The CozyCabin comes with built-in sound dampening technology that generates sufficient heat but also blows at a whisper. Perfect for a quiet space.

How long is the cord?
Does the heater have a blower?
What are the measurements of the CozyCabin Heater?
Will this warm up a small office room or bathroom?
Does the CozyCabin save energy?
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